Frido Dual Gel Heavy Duty Trimmable Insoles, For Hiking & Loose Shoes or Replacing Existing Insoles, Thick Shoe Inserts, Extra Comfort and Support,

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Dual Gel (Pack of 1)
Product Benefits
The cushioning gives you comfort and supports your foot round the clock while you wear it for hours.
Use for
  • DUAL GEL TECHNOLOGY: Silicone-based dual gel technology is a mixture of two gels to provide you with cushioning and exceptional comfort. It supports your foot and gives it firmness to your tissues while you walk. ROUND THE CLOCK RELIEF: The cushioning gives you comfort and supports your foot round the clock while you wear it for hours.
  • TRIPLE ZONE COMFORT: The enhanced cushioning and support along with a deep heel cup assure your foot complete comfort. The deep heel cup to distribute your bodyweight uniformly. ANTI-SWEAT FABRIC: Frido Dual Gel Insoles have fabric that keeps microbes at a bay making your foot sweat-free. Keeps your foot fresh and comfy.
  • SHOCK ABSORBENT: The cushioning and the deep heel cup absorbs every shock & enhance your daily activities with comfort. Low Arch-support insoles to provide exceptional comfort. RECOMMENDED FOR: Frido dual gel insoles for Formal and office Shoes, Sneakers, loafers, and boots. Available in Small (shoe size 5-8) and Large (Shoe size 9-13). Insoles for both Men and Women.
  • HOW TO USE IT? Slide it inside your shoes or footwear and feel the comfort. If not of your size! Get a little handy scissor and trim-fit it to your ideal size. There you go, replace your old inserts and insert Frido Dual Gel Insoles. DOs: 1. Remove the existing insole of the shoe you wish to insert Frido insole 2. Frido insole to be used as replacement to existing insole
  • DON’Ts: 1. Insert Frido insole over already existing insole of shoe 2.Frido insole should NOT be use as additional insole over existing shoe insole. CONTENTS: Contains a Pair of Frido Dual Gel Insoles. Each for the right and left foot. NOTE: Frido insole fit may vary as per shoe design. Frido insole may not fit properly in different types of shoes. For perfect fit and comfort, we recommend using separate Frido insole for each pair of shoes in your wardrobe.

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