Unistar Men’s Leather Safety Shoe Non-Slip for Industrial Work Boot Waterproof Steel Toe Footwear Indestructible Construction Slip Resistant Shoes (Black)

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Material type
Polyvinyl Chloride
Closure type
Heel type
No Heel
Water resistance level
Water Resistant
Sole material
Polyvinyl Chloride
Country of Origin

About this item

  • MATERIAL: Unistar Safety Shoes feature a Super Soft EVA insole for unmatched comfort. Coupled with the Synthetic leather with Fabric outer material, you get the perfect balance of support and durability, ensuring your feet are protected and pampered simultaneously.
  • LACE-UP CLOSURE: With a lace-up closure, they ensure a secure and comfortable experience throughout your workday. The regular fit design adds to the overall comfort, making these shoes an excellent choice for daily wear.
  • TOE GUARD: With a robust steel toe cap, they offer uncompromising protection for your toes. This formidable toe shape guarantees your safety in high-risk work environments, making these shoes an unwavering choice.
  • DURABLE: With a solid pattern, our black safety shoes are built to endure even the harshest conditions. Provides ultimate relief no matter how strenuous your active lifestyle gets.
  • COMFORTABLE: These shoes offer the perfect blend of fashion and comfort. Walk confidently in a pair that not only keeps your feet at ease but also complements your unique style, making a statement while you work.


Indulge your feet in the utmost comfort and protection with Unistar Safety Shoes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these shoes combine a plush Super Soft EVA insole and Synthetic leather with Fabric outer material to create a harmonious fusion of support and durability. The lace-up closure not only ensures a snug and secure fit but also enhances overall comfort, making these shoes your ideal companion for daily wear. A robust steel toe, standing guard against potential hazards, elevate your safety in high-risk work environments, offering unwavering protection. Featuring a solid black pattern, these shoes are built to endure the harshest conditions, delivering relief no matter how strenuous your active lifestyle becomes. Uniting fashion and comfort, they empower you to walk confidently, making a style statement while you work. Furthermore, their oil-stain and water-resistant design preserves their integrity, ensuring they look great regardless of the conditions. Your journey to comfort, style, and safety begins with Unistar Safety Shoes.

Unistar Footwears
Item Weight
1 kg 300g
Net Quantity
2.00 Piece
Generic Name
Construction Shoe

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